Monday, 24 November 2014

Sick day savours!

So today I'm writing this in bed.. And yes as the title suggests I'm writing about good things on a yuck horrible ill day. I am I'll this is also why I didn't have a post up this weekend sorryyy!!

Frozen tisues!!
The box is just amazing and do I need to explain why we need tisues?

I haven't got a picture of my duvet/blanket so I'll just stick to words..
We NEED To keep warm! After all your ill and it may have been caused by the freezing cold outdoors so let's just stay inside and not go near the cold!!

Some type of hydration!!
Preferably water but we sometimes need some flavour! This lemon and lime flavoured water is amazing and would highly recommend it!! And yes this is an empty bottle! You can almost get flavoured water anywhere.. 

A nice soft pillow!
Just for when your lying down or trying to get some sleep we all need a good pillow!

Also a nice bobble!
Honestly it's best just to get your hair out your face and out your way so just pull it back and make sure it's loose cause honestly it sucks when your hairs too tight or when your hairs in your face!!

Cause pj's/jammies/the clothes you where to bed... are the comfiest things ever!!! 

Last but not least a onesie!!
They are possibly the best thing in the world. I love onesies soo much! 

What do you need on a cosy day in or when your ill? Comment below what you think!

C'Jai xo

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