Saturday, 18 October 2014

Overcoming fears!

today i'm going to be talking about facing fears and overcoming them!

I'm a very nervous, anxious person so fear is a hard thing for me but i try my best!

I recently overcame my fear of CATS! weird i know... but i used to HATE cats, they scared me soo much.. i wouldn't go near them, i'd cry and run away! 
I have no idea what it was but now i have ALMOST overcame the biggest fear i faced, it caused so many problems as i was too scared to go over to some friends houses.. OOOPS!

That's just one of the things I've overcame, i'm sure i've got tones more to overcome! 

Things i would like to overcome!

-Being social
-saying what i think
-BIG spiders
-tones of animals
-roller coasters
-fast cars
-whats to come in life

Some of them are silly but still important! What do you want to overcome? Tell me in the comments below, im willing to help you overcome your fears! 

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C'Jai xo

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