Friday, 12 September 2014

You beauty discovery box- September 2014

So earlier this month I received my box (I paid everything and I'm not being sponcered), and this is my second ever one of these! I honestly loved my last one (March 2014 oops.) and have raved about it a bit too much!

So this is what it looked like when I saw it and opened it up!

I also had a £25 hello fresh voucher but I gave it to my parents!

Now onto details!
So you get to choose 2 things out of everything, and I chose this lipstick and another thing that you will see in a minute

Look how beutiful the packaging on the lipstick is!! It's not the best picture but I hope you can see the design a wee bit!

Excuse my horrible nails but the colour of the lipstick when I saw it it was really disoponting for me but as soon as it's on it's okay. (Shade 02 bobbie)

I also chose this Pixi eye pen which came in brown which I'm not too bothered about! 

The camera does not do this eyelinner justice!!

We all also got this free gift!!!
What an amazing free gift! 

I'm a massive fan of this packaging!! It's so elegant and simple!

I honestly can't wait to try this out!!

I also go more free gifts!! Two tea bags, I'm not going to lie I do love the good old flavoured and plain tea bags! I can't wait to try them! (Pink- afternoon tea! Blue- blackberry green tea) 
The packaging also makes it look delish!

We also got this free gift, a nice wee face sponge, it can be handy sometimes?

And also this £25 hello fresh voucher!! 

REVIEW: I'm in love with this box, the value of this box is way over what it costs (£6.95), although not all of these products are full sized, it's a pretty impressive beauty box! If I could I would get this every month! 

Have any questions? Comment below!

Let's get #ALBPYBD trending!
( a little bit of you beauty discovery) 

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