Sunday, 28 September 2014

Halloween costume ideas?

So its coming to that time of year when your going to buy costumes for halloween!
Have you got your costume yet? Have you got an idea?

I Know what i'm getting

I just am in love with Frozen at the moment and i love this costume!! I will need to buy the wig though...


So if you cant be bothered making anything and you just want to buy it then look here! I will be doing a DIY halloween costumes soon so stay tuned if you follow me!!
This is a womans guide but next weekend i will be posting Mens costume ideas!!!

So this one is a wee bit more expensive at £20 but if you want go for it i think its cute, weird and just a tincy bit spooky with a tad of sexy;)

How cute is this? You can dress it up and make it a little spooky with pen or just simply leave it as it is!!For less than £10 you can't really go too wrong!! 

This one is a classic, vampires are just the typical Halloween costume!!  

Just because St Trinians school girls are cool!!

Superhero's are cooooool.

So here is a few of the outfits i found, i will do a #2 of this so look forward to that!
C'Jai xo

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