Friday, 26 September 2014

Applying foundation

So today i'm going to be discussing how i apply my foundation! why not tell me how you apply your foundation below!

1. Sponge Wedge- I have done this, i like the effect it gives but i think it just takes far to long to do a full face of foundation unfortunately i don't have that long to do my makeup!

2. Foundation Brush- I love this, the coverage over my acne is amazing if you use it genitally and tap it on your skin by your acne. It does take a wee while but not too long!

3. Stippling Brush- i haven't tried this yet unfortunately although i would love too!

4. FINGERS!!- I do this, its bad, although its the easiest and quickest way, i always make sure i have really clean hands! its not good for acne although i do it the most and i love the look it gives but ooops.

What do you do most often? What do you prefer? Tell me in the comments down below!

Love you all
C'Jai xo

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