Friday, 22 August 2014


I'm just going to update you a little bit while i'm not too busy!
I'm back to school which unfortunately means i might not be as active, i'm so sorry.

I'm going to try and upload 2 times a week but at the least 1, its going to be hard but i'm going to do it.
Due to family circumstances as well there might be a period of time i might not be active but if you check out my twitter i will hopefully be updating you guys about what i'm up to!

I'm hopefully going to be doing a Christmas wishlist 2014! I know its early but its a good time of the year to get good deals and to get saving!!
I've already bought a few Christmas pressies! So hopefully you'll look forward to that!

I'm also planing on doing a few reviews and makeup get ready with me but in pictures!:)

So sorry about this nonsense weird blog!

Byeee beautss.

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