Friday, 4 July 2014


I thought I owed you's all a update as I haven't posted for about 2 weeks!

So I don't want to make up any excuses, I'm just going to tell you what I've been doing!

So the first week I hadn't posted was It was last week of term and you know what happens, prizegiving, getting all your work home, ect. I also ended up ill! How I don't know but yeah it was horrible!!

Second week:
I went to England (I live in Scotland) for a holiday! It was lovely, I was in Great Yarmouth. I have to say it was amazing!! But the 10hour drive was soo annoying and bad! But it was a truly lovely holiday! Also had plenty of excuses to have an ice cream!! We also went strawberry and rasberry picking:: 
This is my photography of the fruit bowl the Strawbs and raspberrys were in!!
I had such an amazing time, especially when we had the big beach near us!! And the swimming pool was lovely!! 
We also a couple of times went out of Great Yarmouth to a little city called Hemsby, there was a amazing go-kart place. It was called hemsby go-karts (I think) so if your ever in Hemsby go have a wee go, it's well priced aswell! We had fun at the bingo, evening shows but haven shows are always amazing! 
I was looking forward to having a nice wee walk along the beach for the last time but I couldn't as my feet decided to swell up! But it just ment I had to keep my feet up, but honestly it sucked it was the hottest day!!

It was finally time to come home after a busy week, It was a horrible 10hr travel sick trip back home!! But it's amazing to be back home again!! I'm and actually writing this the night I got back, this will be my 3rd blog I have wrote tonight! Oops!!

I better go!! 

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