Thursday, 10 July 2014

Small haul!

So today I went to home bargains, and picked up a few beauty/hair/skincare related products! 

I'm going to start off with hair!
My hair has been so tangly and unnorished (I really hope that's a word), so I bought a few products:
(Please ignore the background!!) 
I got this detangling spray, although it's for children I thought I'd give it a go and see if it works! Hopefully it does, it smells amazing! 
After all it was only 99p!!

(I really do apologise for the rubbishy photos, I hope to be getting my camera fixed soon) 
I bought a macadamia oil, my hair really needs nourished and brought back to life so I thought I would give this ago, this was only 99p aswell so it can't go too wrong!!

So onto skincare:
My skin has been really bad with breakouts, and my sample of my cleanser is almost running out and it's not cheap so thought I would try these out, 25 wipes for 49p you really can't complain! 

Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, I have really oily skin so these are perfect, I have been looking for these everywhere but whenever I see them they are either about £4 or a brand I've never heard of!
I saw these and grabed them!! They have got 50 sheets and these were 29p such a bargain!!

This is all I got!! Cheapest&smallest shopping trip I've ever been on! I love home bargains, it's so cheap yet so amazing!

Goodbyeee my lovelys

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