Thursday, 10 July 2014

A little more about mee!

Hello lovelys!

I saw i have
22 views from the US
19 views from the UK
2 views from Ukraine
1 view from Germany!!

I saw i had one view from Germany and i got a little exited!!
I am 1/10th German which i'm proud of, i have half of my family from Germany, my aunty and uncle when they came to the UK brought me a teddy called Douglas!!
I love Germany, for they're food, culture, football team (fingers crossed they will win the world cup!!) and they are many more reasons for it too!

I just thought i would tell you all this wee fact!

Also i thought i would warn you all i'm going to see the fault in our stars tomorrow in cinnemas, i might wright continous amount of blog posts about it!
I'm soo sorry!!

If your from Germany write a wee comment down below!!!!

Thankyou all<33

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